Call of The Wild

Paris…Manish Arora

Continuing on with his propensity for fanciful presentations (last season was a circus), Manish Arora sent artistic interpretations of animals down the runway for F/W 09. An Art Deco-esque peacock appeared at the center of a sculpted dress, with its stylized feathers fanning out in a delicate symmetry. Exaggerated hips and shoulders stood away from the body on a tonal yellow-printed dresses, paired with bumblebee-style eyewear. On a strapless version of this dress, a beaded snow tiger face emerged in shades of powder blue. Designs abstracted from butterfly wings encompassed a matching pant and blouse suit, with dark outlines and vivid color giving a brilliant cadence to the textural surface.




  1. Isabella

    I can definitely see M.I.A wearing many of these looks.

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