Boy by Band of Outsiders

New York: 
Looking to recent films such as The Hunger Games and Battle Royale, Scott Sternberg explored the concept of “making war beautiful” for his unexpectedly zen-like collection. Inspirations ranged from tribal to Japanese to vintage military. Softening the rigidity of uniform silhouettes, decorated band leader jackets reined-in fluid silk sack dresses, and slouchy suits featured cinched drawstring cuffs. Macramé and “war paint” gave things a wild, native feel, while watery Shibori motifs and wrapped silhouettes echoed elements of Japanese craft. The juxtaposition of influences created a strong yet calm effect, and made for a lovely assortment of very wearable looks. Anna Jane Davis

Silhouette: Fluid + Draped / Military-inspired

Color:  White / Navy / Sky Blue / Indigo Blue / Olive Green

Key Items: Macramé shell / Full midi skirt / Fluid sack dress / Bandleader Jacket

Materials: Macramé / French terry / Silk georgette / Indigo cotton / Suitings in lustrous silk or toothy linen

Print + Pattern: “War paint” brushstrokes / Shibori motifs / Ombré + Tie-dye / Watery waves

Details + Trim: Military-style frog closures + rope trim / Contrast piping / Drawstring cuffs

Accessories + Footwear: Refined gladiator sandals



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