A Cut Above

PARIS…Stefano Pilati sent a veritable army of power women along the runway of YSL. They marched out in identical black bowl-cut wigs, black lipstick, futuristic looking sunglasses. It was the perfect way to express an attitude of uncompromising austerity and severe tailoring that looked forward to the seasons to come and looked back to the power decade of the ’80s in equal parts. “I just wanted it to be about cut, about looking at the clothes,” he said. In this he succeeded. Standouts were many, from the double-faced jacket and skirt suit to the numerous pairs of generously cut pants. The cut of the jackets and coats is set to sit away from the body, a technique that Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga has been employing for the last few seasons. In summary, these were strong clothes to be worn by the modern, sophisticated and strong woman of today…and tomorrow



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