Nudie Jeans Repair Shop London
By Samuel Trotman

Stylesight takes a detailed look inside the new Nudie Jeans Repair Shop in Soho, London.

Jun 04, 2013


Last month, Swedish denim purveyor Nudie Jeans unveiled its latest Repair Shop concept in London’s Soho district. The store debuts as the U.K.’s first outlet for the men’s denim brand, offering specialist denim services alongside its full seasonal goods.

Over the past year, Nudie Jeans has been steadily expanding their global retail presence with a number of carefully considered concept standalone stores, including LA, Stockholm and Melbourne to name a few. Last month, the Swedish brand continued their evolving and refreshing approach to the retail experience with their first Repair Shop. Set on a prominent location on the corner of Berwick Street and D’Arblay Street, the store is just a stones-throw from major outlets like Supreme and A.P.C.

Boasting a vast 100sqm, the retail space is divided between the ground floor and basement with a 40sqm showroom on the first floor. The interior stays true to the brand’s Scandinavian design aesthetic instilled with an industrial London feel: stripped concrete walls, boro curtains and antique fixtures are juxtaposed against clean wood flooring and pristine tiling, while the vast glass facade provides streams of natural light that further complement the raw products on display.

Striving for healthier and more sustainable consumption patterns, the Repair Shop taps the brand’s award-winning Repair: Reuse: Reduce program that gives your favorite pair of Nudie Jeans a second chance. The highly skilled denim experts in-store are on hand to help with all types of specialist denim services like bespoke repairs and alterations — for free! This idea also helps create an environment where visitors can engage in a complete Nudie Jeans experience in an integrated and interactive way.

The Nudie Jeans Repair Shop is located at 29 D’Arbley Street, near Soho square.

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop London

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Aug 08th, 2013

I had the opportunity to check the new space and it looks AMAZING. My man spent a lot but the clothes is great!

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