NEW YORK: Front Row
By WGSN Insider

On display now at the Museum of Chinese in America, Front Row: Chinese American Designers presents stunning looks from some of the world’s best designers.

May 10, 2013


On display now at the Museum of Chinese in America, Front Row: Chinese American Designers presents stunning looks from some of the world’s best designers. Curated by Mary Ping, this fashion retrospective spans from the ’80s up to the present, and features pieces from heavyweights such as Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Anna Sui, Derek Lam, Humberto Leon and Vera Wang. A variation on the traditional red qipao worn by Chinese brides, Wang’s fiery red wedding gown steals the show, perfectly summing up this exhibit’s blend of cultural heritage and modern fashion. —Ashley Churchill

Phillip Lim

Derek Lam

Vera Wang

Jason Wu

Front Row: Chinese American Designers

Now through September 29th 

Museum of Chinese in America

215 Centre Street, NYC


 Photos Courtesy of the NY Times and Vogue


NEW YORK: Front Row

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