NEW YORK: A Short Summer

You know how all home décor shops kind of look the same, with their plants, upcycled found objects and merchandise below, at and above …

You know how all home décor shops kind of look the same, with their plants, upcycled found objects and merchandise below, at and above eye-level? So do artists Aaron Aujla and Dylan Bailey (assistants to Nate Lowman and Dan Colen), who have turned the storefront of gallery/bookstore Karma into a tongue-in-cheek installation named Summer, where everything is for sale. After six months of trolling cutesy places all over the East Coast and studying up on techniques employed by behemoths like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, Aujla and Bailey learned every formulaic trick in the book, and applied them to their curated retail experiment. Until July 14th, this Hamptons-inspired pop-up shop is the top spot in the West Village to score decorative balls of twine, driftwood paperweights, fluffy dip-dyed towels, shell candles, ceramics and just about any other twee/vaguely nautical item you can think of. Stop by at the right time and you may even catch the boys hard at work out front, hand-painting tiny buoy key chains, which, like most of Summer’s wares, you probably do not need, but will most likely want. xx Ashley Churchill

Summer at Karma, Open Till July 14th

21 Downing Street, New York

Photos: Courtesy of Summer

NEW YORK: A Short Summer

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