New Media: ‘A is for Africa’ special of Kaleidoscope Magazine, Issue 15
By Gemma Riberti

Milanese magazine Kaleidoscope is serving up a special African-themed, summer issue, focusing on the contemporary art and culture scenes in and around the continent.

Jun 07, 2012


As touched-upon in our most recent Emerging Talent report, the economic growth and cultural development of Africa has in recent years seen the continent emerge as a global platform and thriving industry for designers and tastemakers making their mark on the international fashion stage.  Exploring this topic a little further, with a focus towards contemporary art created in and around the continent, the creators behind Milanese magazine Kaleidoscope have created a special Africa-themed edition for their summer issue.

“This issue intends to be the most up-to-date and thorough exploration of the African scene of contemporary art and culture, from Egypt to South Africa via Ethiopia and Nigeria, conducted in collaboration with a dream team of both international contributors and influential thinkers and practitioners working in and around Africa today,” explain Kaleidoscope on their website.

The magazine’s 15th issue has been art directed by London-based design studio OK-RM and features contributions from Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen and Antwerp-based curator Philippe Pirotte.  Scroll down for a taster of the magazine, or pre-order your copy here. – Samantha Fox

New Media: 'A is for Africa' special of Kaleidoscope Magazine, Issue 15

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