Luxe by Lisa Vogel: Sweets, Stormclouds and Swimsuits

Stormy weather, the transit of Venus and a superb new collection from Lisa Vogel made for a memorable evening last night.

During summer, rooftops in New York are the equivalent to backyard pools in Los Angeles. They become the epicenter of social and leisurely life – the spot for catching some rays (and the breeze), makeshift barbeques, impromptu concerts and watching 4th of July fireworks. And yesterday, at the Standard Hotel’s new outpost in the East Village, the lavish penthouse rooftop served as the perfect space for a presentation of the new collection from Luxe by Lisa Vogel.

Based in Orange County, Luxe by Lisa Vogel aims to provide relatively covered-up, sophisticated suits that are still sexy and fashion-forward. Vogel grew up in the swimwear industry, and that depth of knowledge shows: The suits are sublimely fit, the materials are innovative yet completely practical, the statement design details work on both a functional and aesthetic level.

The S/S 2013 collection was inspired by a trip Vogel took to the Virgin Islands. Colors and prints reflect the tropical surroundings, from the beige of the sand to the blue of the skies and the vibrancy of everything in between.

A little side note: Luxe by Lisa Vogel will be showing at Salon Allure in Miami this go-round, so make sure you seek out this exquisite collection if you are there.

Not even the threat of thunderstorms, unseasonably cold weather and Venus-in-transit could dampen the mood. In fact, it only added to the ambiance and the visuals, making it one memorable evening.

A parting gift from the preview, a Luxe by Lisa Vogel-emblazoned cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. Lisa Vogel, you have clearly arrived in New York.

Luxe by Lisa Vogel: Sweets, Stormclouds and Swimsuits

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