Livid Jeans – Handmade Denim from Norway
By Samuel Trotman

Livid Jeans is a small artisan denim brand from Norway, created from a simple love & passion for denim and true craftsmanship.

Oct 15, 2012


Livid Jeans, the latest addition to Scandinavia’s denim family, is the product of one man, Jens Olav – A.K.A “The Norwegian Roy”.

Scandinavia is steadily growing on the denim scene with an increasing number of artisanal denim brands emerging throughout the continent.  While some these jeans makers are the combined effort of many hands, Jens Olav of Livid Jeans prefers to use just his two.

Hailing from a small workshop in Trodheim, Norway, founder and owner Jens proudly handcrafts each and every pair of Livid jeans from start to finish. Olav creates his bespoke products with the denim purist in mind and takes pride in doing it the right way. Striving to honor old traditions in making jeans, every product is made the old fashion way – all hand cut, hand felled and constructed with just five industrial machines. For Jens, every single detail is crucial – not only does he want his products to last and be loved, but in doing so he hopes to create special value and establish a long lasting relationship with the new owner.

The core and heart of the Livid business lies in handmade line jeans. Six different fits are available and are made from the highest quality 12 to 14 oz. premium selvage denim from Japan and American denim mill Cone Mills in North Carolina.  Taking a page out of Wrangler’s history book, Olav uses “test riders” to trial out his new fits, to “get it perfect every time.” Alongside the handcrafted line, Livid Jeans offers a broader retail line of “Factory Jeans” two times a year, as well as a small line of separates that includes three denim jackets, two waistcoats, one shirt and a whole range of leather and denim accessories.

To highlight the core values and philosophies of the business, Olav recently released this short film  to introduce his Livid Jeans, discuss his inspiration and give a personal tour of his artisan workshop in Trondheim.

Livid Jeans – Our handmade denim collection from KD Film on Vimeo.

Livid Jeans - Handmade Denim from Norway

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