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Editors: Amy Leverton & Samuel Trotman

Tate Sensorium: What it feels like to smell, taste and hear a painting
Tate Britain's new exhibition stimulates every sense to create a truly thought-provoking experience. Is this art's future? WGSN Lifestyle Editor Sarah Housley reports

Why I said no to Banksy’s Dismaland
dismaland banksy
It's a miserable, anti-consumerist, social media sensation. But refusing to visit Banksy's theme park is the only thing that makes sense, says WGSN Youth Editor Sarah Owen

Top 10 happenings around the world: September 2015
wgsn travel
Brought to you by WGSN’s team of editors and correspondents around the globe, this month’s Top 10 list details the not-to-be-missed events from cities across the world

Knitting with glass: The incredible work of Carol Milne
Carol Milne
It's seriously inspiring to see textiles used in unexpected ways - that's what made WGSN Lifestyle and Interiors Senior Editor Gemma Riberti fall in love with this artist's work
Tokyo Stores
Three Tokyo stores using education to create amazing experiences
Redesigning plants: Five food ideas for the future
By Chloe, New York: The coolest vegan restaurant right now
Forget perfection – laid-back, honest living is what’s on trend now
Havana Cuba
Havana, Cuba: This is youth
scandinavian food london
Scandinavian food: The best places to get it in London