Food: Hackney-on-sea by The Art of Dining 

Brightening up January, London-based food collective The Art of Dining is hosting a 1970s British holiday-themed pop-up dinner and exhibition, Hackney-on-sea.

Photo courtesy of The Art of Dining.

Set in F.Cooke’s fish bar on Broadway Market, East London, the evening will comprise a menu of fish and chips alongside donkeys, seagulls and screen-printed artworks from the 70s and early 80s by the late British Royal Academy professor and artist Tim Mara (1948-1997).

Photo credited to Emily Webber of London Shop Fronts.

The Art of Dining is made up of Moro-trained chef Ellen Parr, set designer Alice Hodge and The Horsebox Gallery founders Emma North and Jane McGill – together they combine art, food and drama to create unique dining experiences that have previously included The Chicken and the Egg with food that embodied this theme, and Rations, a restaurant concept which took inspiration from World War II to present a hearty feast of gourmet spam, pigeon pie and peppermint creams.

Hackney-on-sea will run each evening from January 25th – 28th at F.Cookes Fish Bar, 9 Broadway Market, Hackney, E8 4PH – click here for more information and tickets. – Samantha Fox



  1. The photo of F.Cooke you are using is taken by me and should be credited with my name and a link to my website All details of licencing are here:
    Thanks Emily

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