Art & Design: Vitamin Green by Phaidon Press

A recently published book by Phaidon Press examines the intersection between contemporary design and sustainability.

Vitamin Green was initially released to honor Earth Day back in April. The hardbound publication features a staggering 100 projects from around the globe that respond to environmental issues.  Each project was handpicked, and the book curated, by a handful of design critics and influential thinkers, resulting in an in-depth survey of the most innovative interventions in design today.  Projects range in scale, from Mathieu Lehanneur’s Air Purifier, to Luyanda Mpahlwa’s Low-Cost Housing Project in Cape Town.

See our recent In the Air Report, The Power of the Invisible, in which we explore further design and architecture projects that are utilizing natural elements, such as wind power, to redefine the future city as a functional power source. – Samantha Fox


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