Art & Design: Improvisation Machine by Annika Frye

We recently stumbled across this delightful project from Annika Frye, which is currently on show at the Istanbul Design Biennal.  Frye hs built a machine that produces individually handcrafted tableware using a process that is generally associated with mass-production.

Improvisation Machine celebrates the bricolage practice of working.  Using a rotational molding process, the machine uses a special, lightweight plaster that hardens over time to create unique, one-off shapes from a simple, geometric grid pattern. The end result is a hollow bowl, which Frye sands down and cuts to create tableware shapes.  To protect the pieces from hot liquids or foods, a varnish coating is added.

“The Machine, for me, is more than just a tool: I designed the machine itself by using basic characteristics of a piece of furniture such as brass fittings, multiplex and steel tubes,” adds Frye.

Our most recent In The Air report underpins a new craftsmanship in design, in which designers are putting humanity and humor back into the design process and challenging the current complexities and repetitive nature of machine production.  Read more about these New Machines on




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