Levi’s Vintage Clothing Fall/Winter 13 Lookbook

Stylesight takes a detailed look at Levi’s Vintage Clothing’s F/W 13 lookbook.

For LVC’s Fall/Winter 13 collection, the team pays tribute to two iconic eras of American style: Detroit’s ’60s Motown musical revolution and the West Coast’s sunny ’70s style.



Each season the Levi’s Vintage Clothing team dips into the iconic Levi’s archive, pouring through some 20,000 rare and antique artifacts, uncovering secrets of their past and then recreating them for today through faithful reproductions. With items dating back as early as 1873 LVC’s collections and references have come far and wide. From rustic turn-of-the-century workwear to retro ’50s hot rod and tough ’30s biker style, there is a part of Levi’s treasured history and timeless products to uncover.

The first collection of LVC’s F/W 13 collection pays homage to the slick styling of the people that were part of the explosive “Boom Town” music scene emerging in ’60s Detroit. Levi’s sportswear collections became the perfect fit to this new groove with youths soaking up the sounds in their checkerboard rodeo shirts, 518 fits, bedford cords and turtleneck sweaters with retro knitted patterns. At that time, the Motor City was the heart of America’s car industry and the collection also nods to this hardworking style with a selection of tough leather coats, koverup jeans and sherpa lined jackets.

The second part of the collection pulls from Levi’s orange tab era. The brand first used the Orange Tab on a line of affordable, slim-fitting jeans, jackets and shirts designed for the Young American’s of the ’60s and ’70s. To this day, the Orange Tab is synonymous with simple and clean design as well as the free and easy spirit of the times. LVC revive this family of true American classics offering up 684 and 606 flare fits, ’70s denim shirts in retro bright casts, baby blue chambrays and matte blacks.  The collection is topped off with a selection of bold printed tees using faithful motifs and logos from the era.

As always the collection is presented in hardback form, split into the two stories and complimented with additional material from the relevant eras. Highlights from this season’s lookbook include retro illustrated fit guides, a step-by-step guide of how to wash, wear and care for your rigids as well as a “10 things you really oughta know about Levi’s Orange Tab” guideline.


Levi's Vintage Clothing Fall/Winter 13 Lookbook

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The Woven Culture
Jul 19th, 2013
Levi's will be never go out of style. Levi's created a look of their own. Great article!
vintage style clothing
May 14th, 2013
Levi's have and always will be a part of the vintage culture. One day even our skinny jeans everyone finds so popular will become vintage like the bell bottoms of old. This is a brand that rearranges itself and with each decade evolving to the changing times.

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