By Samuel Trotman

Japanese denim brand KURO delivers two exclusive dye stories for their Spring/Summer 13 collection.

Aug 03, 2012


The Japanese have achieved a widespread reputation for the finest craftsmanship in the denim industry and up-and-coming label KURO is surely building a reputable backing with its latest series of unique hand-dyed indigos and Monsuki-black denims. The Tokyo-based label taps the supreme artisans of Kyoto, known for their excellence in the traditional practice of indigo dye, to create two laundry stories for their forthcoming Spring/Summer 13 collection.

Hand-Dyed Indigo Clothing Series

The Japanese have long praised the color indigo blue. KURO’s Hand-Dyed Indigo Clothing Series represents the mysteries and possibilities of indigo using Japan’s world-renowned manufacturing process. For the collection the brand looked to dedicated manufacturer Hangloose in Kojima (Okayama), who are renowned  for their expertise and sensitivity to the qualities of indigo. Featured within the collection is a knee length Chester coat sewn by the artisans of Akita, with traditional craft techniques at the cuffs and around the collar. The twill uses Tencel for the warp and cotton for the weft yarns. Other pieces include a genuine dress shirt with KURO’s classic minimalist design and a refined selvedge pattern on the back as well as a stole made by the legendary Nihon Menpu Denim.

Kyoto Montsuki Dyed Series

The second series exhibits an integration of black and indigo with Japanese traditional craft techniques. Kyoto Montsuki is a company that has tinctured only black since 1915. In pursuit of the ultimate blackness, their traditional technique of tincturing  beat out the competition by realizing genuine black in black-montsuki enables them to tincture the most genuine hue in the world. Located in the traditional dyeing manufacturer area of Mibu with the benefits of clean mountain water, Kyoto Montsuki is able to achieve the blackest of black with an extraordinary dark oxidefinish called “shinkuro”. During the dye application of the shinkuru process, the hand-dyed fabric fabric is naturally dried under the sun instead of machine dried, creating this remarkably deep tone. The denim jacket features a black body and indigo shades on the sleeves that cast shadows along the whiskers, while the “Graphite Heritage Wash” pant uses a black oxide finish with indigo shades on the whiskers.

To see the full collection and find out more, head over to the KURO website.


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