PLAY LIST | Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve got Cupid on our mind today so we’ve decided to pull together a little gift guide for the mini-Valentines in our lives (don’t worry, we’ve got Mom & Dad covered too). Inspired partially by J.Crew and colorful heart bunting (shown above), take a look at what the little ones can wear and play with this holiday!

Get the items above:

  1. I Love Moustache Tee
  2. Heart Mitten
  3. Leather Heart Flat
  4. Printed Bow Tie
  5. Crochet Giraffe
  6. Heart and Stripes Sweater
  7. I Love Mum Onesie
  8. Heart Glasses Monster
  9. Heart Socks
  10. Heart Baby Shoes 
  11. Glitter Heart Purse
  12. Pink Sweater

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