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Felt FoodNo longer dependent on plastic toys, mini-chefs can embrace “cooking” with all natural ingredients–felt and wool. Offered in realistic colors and soft to the touch, these toys make play kitchens more fun than the real thing. Gone are the days of simple loaves of bread or a plastic slice of cheese. Now mini foodies can enjoy pancake breakfasts, grilled eggplant dinners, fish and chips, supreme pizzas and sushi. Danish Maileg showed colorful cakes and tea sets at the recent Toy Fair in New York City while a diverse menu of culinary delights is available online.

Check out the treats featured above (in no particular order):

  1. EvaLauryn
  2. Nadia’s Place
  3. BugBites Play Food
  4. All Things Original
  5. Maileg
  6. Pachom
  7. Haba
  8. MamasFeltCafe



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