We can't get enough of this GoldieBlox video! Annoyed at the differences between "girl" and "boy" toys, GoldieBlox focuses on toys that get girls building.  
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Stylesight GoldieBlox

EVENTS | Burton Rail Days

We spotted some of our favorite trends at this year's Burton Rail Days. Held on November 16 in Tokyo, we loved seeing modern camo mixing with vibrant oversized animal prints. Wintry shearling was also out in full force, appearing as both trims and full fabrics. Rounding out our favorite trends were emerald isle color palettes. Appearing as a fresh color combination, deep ...
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Stylesight Burton Rail Days

BIG IDEAS | Grey Power

Design student Yoni Lefevre captures children's adoration for their grandparents in his charming photo series, “Grey Power.” Lefevre asked each kid to draw a picture of his or her grandparent as a superhero and then brought the illustrations to life with some clever props, whimsical costumes and vivacious models.
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Lefevre, Grey Power


Approaching footwear design from a new perspective, PLAE takes note of the crucial differences between a child's foot and an adult's. Instead of scaling down adult shoes, PLAE's research led them to the realization that a child's foot is mainly cartilage until they grow older. In that vein, they developed shoes designed around the foot's soft tissue formation, including ankle-foot ...
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Stylesight PLAE

HOT LINE | Isabel Marant x H&M

We're so glad we only have to wait two more days for the Isabel Marant x H&M collaboration! Available in stores on November 14, the collection encompasses items for men, women, and kids. We love the elaborate embroidery and bold details, pairing Isabel Marant's aesthetic with kid-friendly designs.
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Stylesight H&M Isabel Marant

INSPIRATION | Maaike Koster

We came across Maaike Koster on Instagram and couldn't help but be smitten by her work! Gravitating toward clean, minimalist designs, Koster intersperses her artwork with snapshots of her home and family. We love how her crisp aesthetic pairs perfectly with playful drawings, combining natural elements with doodles. Be sure to check out Stylesight's Instagram for even more inspiration!
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Stylesight Maaike Koster

INSPIRATION | Wengenn in Wonderland

Inspired by Adele Enerson, Queenie Liao shoots her youngest son in a variety of creative poses. Using fabrics found around the house, Wengenn swings through vines as George of the Jungle, transforms into a growing flower and flies through the air as a trapeze artist. For another inspiring looks at mommy-and-me photography, check out Anna Eftimie's Blackboard Adventures.
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Stylesight Wengenn in Wonderland


Happy Halloween! In honor of the day, we've pulled together some of our favorite DIYs, costumes and decorations for a truly spook-tacular day! From creative Mr. Rogers costumes to Alice in Wonderland chic, we love the homemade spin taking the holiday by storm. Transform a dollhouse into a spooky haunted house or take a break from carving pumpkins by painting ...
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Stylesight Halloween

KIDS’ ROOM | The Animal Print Shop

We can't get enough of the adorable baby critters from The Animal Print Shop. Featuring a menagerie of sweet animals, the prints include baby bears, little chimps and adorable geese. We love the range of farmyard to forest animals. For more must-have nursery items, check out our latest coverage of ABC Kids Expo.
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Stylesight Animal Print Shop


Shot by one of our favorite photographers, Achim Lippoth, the latest Zara Kids campaign has us ready for a retro take on Fall. Seemingly shot in Don Draper's Manhattan apartment, the rich wood walls and mod chairs are the perfect counter-balance to kid-friendly clothing. And who wouldn't want to stop by the Drapers' for a playdate with Sally on a ...
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If you missed petitePARADE or you just want to relive the fun, check out our video! We spoke with designers, editors and mini-models at the event for our special, one-of-a-kind coverage of petitePARADE.  
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COOL CAMPAIGN | Elias & Grace

We can't get enough of the latest from Elias & Grace. Shot by the talented Emma Tunbridge, we love the ethereal feel the campaign evokes. Set in the bucolic countryside, girls run wild with whimsical horses. Conjuring those carefree feelings of girlhood, the campaign effortlessly captures the beauty of friendship and the great outdoors.
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Stylesight Elias & Grace

HOT LINE | etnies

We can't wait for the debut of etnies Scout shoe! Appearing in stores in early 2014, the lightweight shoe features thin all-mesh uppers and a durable STI Evolution Foam outsole. Created by a special molding process, the midsoles and outsoles produce zero waste. Along with their eco-friendly production, the shoes are part of their Buy A Shoe Plant a Tree Initiative. ...
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Stylesight Etnies

HOT LINE | Eclectic Indians

It's here! The Swedish design blog Fine Little Day is finally launching a kids' line. Called "Eclectic Indians," the line sprung from a collaboration between Mogu Takahashi and Anive for the Minors. The first collection features a series of whimsical, gender-neutral prints in bold, dramatic colors and softer pastel hues reminiscent of Anive for the Minors' classic style. Take a peek at ...
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Stylesight Fine Little Day


Even with celebrity appearances from Heidi Klum (who showcased her Truly Scrumptious for Baby "R" Us collection) and Diddy (whose daughters walked the catwalk), the true A-listers were the kids at this past weekend's petitePARADE, spotted on the runway, sitting front row, deejaying and hosting the two-day event in NYC's Industria Superstudio. As the official trend sponsor, Stylesight Children's Team took ...
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Stylesight petitePARADE