IT KID | The Royal Baby

Stylesight Royal Baby

The Royal Baby is finally here! While we await the latest on the name game, the Kids’ Team couldn’t help but get in on the excitement. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite items, fit for a Prince. And we know we’re not the only ones celebrating – Heathrow Airport handed out tees to arriving passengers after the birth announcement. Check out our picks below!

Stylesight Royal Baby

The items shown above can be found:

  1. Duke & Duchess of Cambridge 
  2. Union Jack Bunting
  3. Oeuf Knit Crown
  4. Royal Baby Biscuit Tin
  5. Union Flag Baby Shoes
  6. Harrods Royal Baby Mug
  7. Keep Calm Onesie
  8. Mini-Me Onesie
  9. Knit Baby Crown
  10. Royal Crown Baby Booties
  11. Guardsman Sleep Suit
  12. Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby! Book 
  13. Pippa Bib

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