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Stylesight Stickers

This Apartment Therapy post brought us back to our own school days and reminded us of our own binders and Trapper Keepers (Lisa Frank, anyone?) covered in colorful stickers. In honor of those good ole days (and with back-to-school on the brain), we’re taking a look at the stickers out there for kids today. The loud, garish colors of the old days seem to have taken a back seat to cleaner graphics or vintage images. Kittens, owls and forest friends frolic in various hues while sweet eats pop up as radishes and colorful fruits.

Stylesight Stickers

The stickers shown above:

  1. Huihuizakka
  2. Countrycroppers
  3. Myrntai
  4. Lilseamonster
  5. Americanlink
  6. Ginette Lapalme
  7. Sarah McNeil
  8. Lovelyshoppe

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