HOT LINE | Mr. Talented Bow Ties

Just when you thought bow ties couldn’t get any cuter, here comes Augustus Shaw with his line of dice-fabricated neckwear under the moniker “Mr. Talented.” Shaw fashions the one-of-a-kind bow ties out of colorful translucent dice, as well as numbered vintage woods. The line toys with the modern idea of the bow tie as a symbol of quirk, taking the accoutrement to a level of kitsch that is more charming than gimmicky.

Shaw is an all-around aesthete: Not only is he a “talented” fashion designer but also an avid cook (as you can see from his blog), painter, director of his own creative company and humanitarian who works hard to make a difference in the world through his art. Those interested in procuring one of these whimsical dice bow ties can contact Shaw directly via his website,


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