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Toys, toys, and more toys! We took a trip yesterday to the Toy Fair, held at the Javitz Center in NYC,  to check out the latest offerings in the toy market. From the Barbie x Mega Bloks car to the environmentally friendly art supplies by Eco-Kids, the ultra-creative toy designers have been busy utilizing new sustainable materials and construction methods to create exciting new offerings. Wooden toys in bright hues combine puzzle pieces and alphabet-learning while little chefs play with pretend food and kitchen gear. Take a peek at what we saw last year and be on the look out for this season’s upcoming report!

Stylesight Toy Fair

The designers shown above:

  1. Tegu
  2. Hape
  3. BeginAgain
  4. Kid O
  5. Plan Toys
  6. Lilliputiens
  7. Wry Baby
  8. Rubbabu

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