EVENTS | Playtime Tokyo

Held in Tokyo from February 19-21, Playtime Tokyo cemented some of the trends we’ve been seeing. We spotted warm Berry Bouquet hues along with refreshed geos, vibrant florals and mixed prints appearing across classifications. Playful animal prints, colorful conversationals and richly embroidered pieces added depth to children’s assortments. As we begin to wrap up the F/W 13 trade show season, take a look at our Color Wrap and keep checking back for our other upcoming Runway and Trade Show Wraps.

  1. Tea Collection
  2. Tóng Cháo
  3. Le Petit Lucas du Tertre
  4. Oeuf
  5. Michirico
  6. Sudo
  7. Boys & Girls
  8. Dooboo
  9. Enn Hüt
  10. Chamny

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