Stylesight CPH KidsContinuing our worldwide trade show coverage, the Children’s Team popped over to Copenhagen to check out CPH Kids over the weekend. Vibrant colors played across a variety of categories with electric apricot, canary yellow and bright orange spotted across brands. Metallic and neon trims appeared on clothes and footwear, giving kids pops of color from head to toe. Patchwork inspired pieces took a modern turn, in the form of outlined pockets and structured trims. Keep a look out for our upcoming report on must-see brands and for a quick refresher, check out last season’s post for a look at F/W 12 trends.

Stylesight CPH Kids

  1. Sprout by Gro
  2. Mads Norgaard
  3. Angulus
  4. Sebra
  5. ESP No. 1
  6. Modeerska Huset
  7. Freds Federation
  8. Okker Gokker
  9. Spring Court
  10. Koolabah
  11. Sebra
  12. Anive for the Minors

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