Kapital: Century Denim
By Samuel Trotman

Kapital delivers their newest denim creation – Century Jeans, inspired by traditional sashiko stitching.

Aug 30, 2012


A tribute to Japan’s amazing textile history as well as it’s innovation in fabric technology, renowned denim brand Kapital release their ‘Century Denim’ jean.

Over 100 years ago the birth of American blue jeans occurred in in West Coast America. At the same time in the Edo era in Japan, traditional sashiko found its way into samurai armor, farming clothes, and wrapping cloths. This reinforcement stitch birthed an exceptional skill of patterns and sewing techniques that eventually became a much loved and unique cultural function.

Today, over a century later in the denim town of Kojima, the craftsmen at Kapital remain captivated by the charm and beauty of these cloths and their protective qualities. Taking the skills and lessons learned over the ages, Kapital designer, Hirata Kiro, and his father/Kapital president, Hirata Toshikiyo, carried this tradition into the 21st century with their latest concept, Century Denim.

We discovered this amazing denim find on our favorite Japanese denim blog, Bandana Almanac, Run by Jonathan Lukacek, an American who has lived in Japan for 6 years. He’s a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Japanese denim, especially Kapital and was given a pair of these babies back in July! It will be interesting seeing how they wear down…

The pants have been categorized into two lots: No 5-S Kakishibu (brown) and No 7-S Sumi (grey).  The KOUNTRY dying factory set about replicating the perfect formula for mixing colors, and in the process they were successful in making this new material. The final product comprised two separate colors – one inspired by the past, another the result of it.

The jeans are available in four fits: Cisco (standard regular cut), Sarrouel (low crotch tapered), Stone (slender sleeker cut) and TH (straight cut). All are available for international purchase via Kapital’s Century Denim Webshop.

Take a look at a demonstation of how the Century Jeans are made:

Kapital: Century Denim

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