Introducing: Dawson Denim
By Samuel Trotman

We are excited about Dawson Denim, a great denim brand from Brighton, England specializing in the denim apron.

Sep 27, 2012


With the purist denim resurgence out in the U.S producing ‘Made in America’ product, we felt it was time to herald a great new company just setting up in the UK, in the sea-side town of Brighton… but with a difference.

Dawson Denim was set up by Kelly Dawson and Scott Ogden. Kelly has been working with Denim for over 15 years in denim design, washing and management and Scott’s been in the photography and vintage furniture business for 20 years. What bought them, and Dawson Denim, together was their mutual love of vintage motors (Kelly a 1959 Vespa Douglas VBA small frame with 8 inch wheels and Scott a 1961 Lambretta series 2, don’t ya know!) and their love of the vintage motor and their dedication to total denim dressing led them to set up this purist yet quirky brand, specializing in rigid denim aprons. Yes, Aprons!

Each of their aprons are inspired by pieces they have collected over the years. The Mercantile is from a 1950’s store keepers apron; the Pinny is from a 1940’s duck apron they found in a Lumber Yard. The Mechanic is inspired by the WW2 military aprons issued by the U.S. Army… They even have a helmet bag, that they actually made for their own use. It’s a bull denim bag with a hickory stripe lining and leather key tab.

Each piece is made (using 13oz Red Selvage from Japan) by hand in their specialist workshop in Brighton and repairs will also be taken care of by hand on site. The apron comes with a log book inspired by the same document from the golden age of motoring. The pair believe that “The ideal of being built to last has long been forgotten but we offer a durability guarantee with each of our products. This comes in the form of a log book which entitles the owner to a service if any wear and tear is created in this time.”

Detailing is taken from their love of motors: Their logo is based on a magneto lever, used on motorcycles up until the 1960’s, it also serves a nice purpose of looking like twin D’s (Dawson Denim) and the logo is hand printed by silk screen also in Brighton. The green in the branding is a shade often seen on post war motorcycles and cars and they are particular fans of the BSA Bantam D1.  All the aprons are of a numbered and limited production run, naturally.

Dawson Denim have plans to expand the business into jeans in the future, which will make them the first UK based hand-crafted denim brand, so check out their gorgeous denim blog too for more news.



Introducing: Dawson Denim

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