Parker Barker for Lime Ricki

How do you make a “modest” swimsuit sexy and stylish? That was the challenge Hayley Parker-Barker (of childrenswear label Culdesac) was tasked with in designing a capsule collection for Lime Ricki, a swim brand known for its sleek covered-up suits.

First, Parker-Barker looked to the poolside glamour of 60s Hollywood to craft one-piece suits and tankinis full along the neckline and legs and flatteringly cinched at the waist. For prints, the designer borrowed the famed tropical scenes of the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Martinique wallpaper; and in eye-catching stripes, she conjured yet another icon: the first Barbie doll. However, this is anything but child’s play; these suits are for grown-up women with serious style.

Parker Barker for Lime Ricki is available now for a limited time at


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