Björn Borg <3 John McEnroe

Who could have predicted that one of sport’s fiercest rivalries would end in an underwear design-off? Thirty years after their storied meeting at Wimbledon, athletes-turned-designers Björn Borg and John McEnroe reunited this weekend to unveil limited edition boxer-briefs under the former’s popular underwear label. The winner will be determined by sales, with a portion of proceeds going to the John and Patty McEnroe Foundation.

So who has the edge in this competition? Borg has over 20 years of industry experience under his belt, and it shows in the classic red, white and blue designs that subtly reference the current baseball trend (and perhaps the vintage snapshot above). McEnroe’s briefs, on the other hand, feature a bold use of brights against dark streaks of black (to match the tennis player’s fiery temper). While we prefer the Swedishman’s skivvies, McEnroe has the novelty factor going for him, so we predict an easy win for the American.

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  1. Khalym Schell

    You have to see the Borg vs McEnroe kids tee we spotted at Playtime Paris!

  2. Nivara Xaykao

    Ahhh Bjorn and John trend alert!

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