Innovation & Technology / Travel: RoadTrippers app
By Gemma Riberti

A new website RoadTrippers, encourages users to discover roads less traveled across America.

Aug 09, 2012


While on a roadtrip, even the quirkiest of travel apps and guides on our smartphones can often leave us yearning for local routes that are a little less tourist-driven.  A new web-based tool from Cincinnati, RoadTrippers, endeavors to provide users with a custom, curated, and more adventurous trip.

Users simply type in their start and end destinations into the search bar provided, which generates multiple journeys (similar to Google Maps), with options to add in weird and wonderful stops along the way (up to 28), including abandoned towns and lesser-known, historical attractions. In addition, the app also calculates fuel costs that are likely to be incurred along the way, so that users can truly budget for their trip.

The app was created by James and Tatiana Fisher, who were frustrated by the dry and uninspiring travel apps currently swamping the market. They hope that modern nomads will discover and explore parts of North America that they would not have known about if they used other travel guides.

“RoadTrippers provides inspiration and discovery.  We’re building this platform to let you sit back and go from discovery to action,” explains James.

Check it out here.

Innovation & Technology / Travel: RoadTrippers app

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