Innovation & Technology: Layar Creator

Layar Creator is an app that applies an augmented reality layer to print media, giving the flat pages of newspapers and magazines a new depth.

As explored in our Catalyst Issue 01, 2014, augmented reality is increasingly blurring our physical and digital worlds, allowing us to travel between real and virtual spaces almost seamlessly.  More widely associated with gaming, this technology is now beginning to move into consumer realms.  Layar Creator is one such example – an app that applies an AR layer to print media, giving the flat pages of newspapers and magazines a new depth.

Easily downloaded onto a smartphone, Layar Creator enables publishers to embed “static”, physical pages with digital information, including images, videos, links, and commerce buttons.  When a user hovers over an embedded page with their mobile device, the additional content appears before them.

While the “death of print” debate rages on, this smart device will certainly appeal to those who enjoy the tangibility of printed matter but the convenience and interaction of digital media. – Samantha Fox

See our recent blogpost on Google’s Project Glass.

Innovation & Technology: Layar Creator

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