Ingredient | Marula Oil

There’s a new beauty oil taking over. Take a closer look at marula oil.

Apr 13, 2012


Argan oil has dominated the beauty market since MoroccanOil products brought it to the mass’ attention. It’s become the marketing catch phrase, called out in everything from haircare to skincare. For the past couple years, beauty brands have introduced other oils as alternatives to argan. Today, marula oil appears to be the new beauty oil in focus.

If argan oil is Morocco’s miracle oil, then marula oil is Africa’s miracle oil. It goes back to 9000 BC with the discovery of the Marula fruit. Marula oil comes from the nuts of the Marula tree found in South Africa. It is traditionally used as a cooking oil, a meat preservative, to treat leather and in cosmetics. In South Africa and Mozambique, the Tsonga people have long used the oils as a moisturizing body lotion and as a massage oil for babies. Women have often used the Marula oil over water to clean themselves.

– contains high levels of Oleic, Palmitic, and Stearic fatty acids essential for rapid skin absorption (no residue or greasy feeling), hydration and prolonged moisture retention
– high levels of antioxidants like tocopherol (vitamin E), tochotrienol, phenolic compounds and flavinoids
– Anti-microbial properties make it appropriate for all skin times
– It’s oxidative stability makes it ideal for cosmetic formulas and topical application
– Improves skin hydration, smoothness and reduces redness
– Studies claim higher antioxidant levels that grape seed oil and argan oil
– 10 times more stable than olive oil
– Purer than argan oil as only the nut is pressed, not the shell

– anti-aging face creams
– massage oils
– shampoo for dry, damaged and fragile hair
Р lipstick components

Products with Marula Oil
Leakey Collection (just announced partnership with Birchbox)
Dior Capture Totale Rituel Nuit Intensive Night Restorative 
Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm
Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Marula Oil Shower Cream  







Ingredient | Marula Oil

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