Imogene + Willie’s Beautiful Video: Out of Blue
By Samuel Trotman

Check out this great video all about Imogene + Willie’s back-story.

Sep 05, 2012


There’s only one thing we like more than hot denim news, and that’s a gorgeous denim video! Well this heart-warming short, named Out of Blue and directed by Mike Jones, was blogged by our favorite dutch denim store, Tenue De Nimes. It may be long but it is absolutely fascinating and inspiring, so take a look:

out of blue: imogene + willie from imogene + willie on Vimeo.

In the 15 minute film, Carrie and Matt talk through their backgrounds, their love of denim, their idea and conception of the Imogene + Willie brand and everything in between. It even details Carrie’s grandfather’s and father’s involvement in the textile washing industry and how her father got into denim washing in the first place, setting up his Sights Denim Systems company at the beginning of the acid wash revolution.

The couple seemed destined to be together and to start the brand up in 2009 shortly after they found themselves returning to their hometown.

Their gas-station store, based in Kentucky, Tennessee seems like a gem of a location and a must-visit for any denim connoisseur. For a long time we’ve appreciated this brand from afar, but learning all the little facts behind this awesome denim company makes it all the more special.

Imogene + Willie's Beautiful Video: Out of Blue

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