Waste Not: Food Sharing in Germany

Foodsharing is a new eco-friendly platform dedicated to reducing the wastage of food.

Currently based in Germany, this online community aims to address the huge amount of global food wastage. More than 1.3 billion tonnes of food is discarded annually, however foodsharing.de has already saved more than 4500 kilos of food from the rubbish heap.

Aiming to put people with excess food in touch with those who need and want it, the website has a few general rules, such as setting the locations for food to be exchanged, and for no money to be used. It aims to “reinstate the spiritual, non-monetary value of food, because it is more than just a commodity,” and we think it shows a growing trend for environmentally-friendly living and eating. – Babette Radclyffe-Thomas



  1. Nice! :)
    I would like report also http://www.foodhsaringlab.com. The first site for “free foodsharing website hosting”.

    Thank you.

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