Music / Art & Design: The Evil Eye record by Indianen

The Evil Eye, by Belgium-based creative studio Indianen, is a screen-printed paper record that plays unique analogue sounds via a turntable.

The audio project came about during the group’s residency at the Frans Masereel Center in Kasterlee and comprises a blank 12-inch disc that has been overlaid with rotating soundwave patterns of information. These patterns were created using two software-editing programs, Cocoa and Objective-C, and a screen-printing process, which essentially mimic the waveforms found on a regular audio file. Once the disc has been placed on a record player, a light-sensing device (the Evil Eye) can be hovered over the record to read these patterns and generate a succession of sounds that are heard through an amplifier.

We explore further concepts that are redefining the ways in which music is created and consumed in our Immersive Music Trends report. A similar concept from earlier this year, entitled Soundmachines, was also developed by Berlin-based studio The Product.

See below images via Designboom.




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