Great Reference Blog: Shit Denim!
By Samuel Trotman is a great go-to tumblr that houses a huge amount of denim research and imagery.

Apr 24, 2012


We’re always on the lookout for new inspirational denim blogs and tumblrs, imagery being the foremost element in our research at Stylesight. Thats why we’re so excited about! Yes, you heard it right – despite the name, (we love it) is a great go-to URL that houses a huge amount of denim imagery.

Shitdenim is the work of denim designer Mohsin Sajid, a Bristish-born and london-trained denim enthusiast who has worked in the industry for ten years. After working for brands from Oki-ni (Levi’s Japan and Evisu) and Edwin Europe to John Richmond and Puma, his most recent position was at DKNY JEANS in Singapore. Sajid has also attended Cone Denim Collage in Greensboro where he caught his denim bug and was drawn to vintage and archival pieces. He then became a collector with over 300 pairs of vintage denim in his collection. He even amassed 12 vintage Union Special sewing machines!

A lot of the images on his tumblr come from his personal collection of factory visits, samples, and vintage he has worked on throughout his career. But there is plenty of recognizable imagery from other blogs, books and websites he has combed through, too. There are also some great videos embedded in the site, so go check it out…. but make sure you set aside a few solid hours first, cuz there’s plenty to see!

Sajid decided to create this archive as he returns to the U.K. to set up his own denim label for release in fall 2012; check out his personal website for more info.


Great Reference Blog: Shit Denim!

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