Paintball Tennis Art – Nike Nadal Unstoppable Campaign

Social media and art interact in this clever paintball visual statement to support Rafael Nadal’s latest title campaign.

After Nadal’s record-breaking seventh title win at the French Open we saw this jaw dropping graphic campaign . NIKE Tennis encouraged Rafa’s fans to send messages of support through their Facebook site. 5000 fan names were written onto small paint balls. These balls were then fired onto a blank canvas to create this stunning visual artwork. See the video below for the ‘Making of’ which was created by The Kennedy’s and Wieden + Kennedy.

Sticking with image build up techniques, we saw this pixel abstract T-shirt graphic honoring Nadal and Federer also by NIKE.



  1. Ana Cavalcanti

    I liked very much!

  2. Now that is TOO cool! Wonder if we should add to our paintball business and offer this as an option to battle??

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