250 New Emojis Released

When it's just too hard to express our feelings through words, we switch to emojis, and lucky for us there will be even more fun emoticons to choose from! A tidal wave of new emojis have been released, thanks to the newly-updated list from Unicode. Besides the middle finger, the list includes a spider web, a disco dancer, a dove, a ...
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Potted Plants – Happy Red Fish

As the trend for indoor plants, succulents and cacti continues, we couldn't help but blog about this series of hand-threaded collages, aptly titled "Houses and Plants". They're by the creative studio Happy Red Fish, an Amsterdam-based studio operated by the artist and designer Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen. This series and many more are availble to buy on her shop, and are priced between $30 and $150. Here ...
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Editor’s Choice – Cruise/Resort 15 Print Highlights -

This week we take a look at our favorite print and pattern picks from Cruise/Resort 15 collections, from Chanel's romantic Orient patterns to Louis Vuitton's abstract `70s florals, this season is full of delights.
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Editor’s Choice – Futuristic Florals

Today’s Editor’s Choice is a futuristic view on florals inspired by oversized graphic blooms and botanical placements. Large in scale, this series of florals are digitally re-created or manipulated to create dramatic dimensions.
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‘Archives’ wallpaper by Studio Job and NLXL

Studio Job strikes again in the design world, revisiting its archives to create an award-winning wallpaper collection in collaboration with Dutch brand NLXL. The ‘Archives Collection’ consists of a range of bold and contemporary designs achieved by mixing and matching designs, drawings, icons and patterns coming from Studio Job’s archive material. Founded in 2009 by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, Studio Job ...
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Christopher Knowles – Typed Patterning

There is nothing accidental in these typed designs by Christopher Knowles, many of which were produced in the 1970s and `80s. Knowles’s typed drawings are a way of documenting his daily life, yet from a far, they simply look like bold geometric patterning. Check out more of his systematic and inspiring work here.
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Futurismo Ancestra – Sixe Paredes

The acclaimed Barcelona-born graffiti artist Sixe Paredes has collaborated with A(by)P to create his first major solo show in the UK, at Somerset House this month. The tunnels underneath Somerset House play host to Paredes exuberant artworks, exhibiting large-scale tapestries, totems, ceramics and quipus (a system of knotted cords developed by the Incas to communicate and record important information, or otherwise known as ‘talking ...
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Print All Over x Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen selected a group of 10 talented illustrators and designers to collaborate with Print All Over, the amazing print your own pattern service. The result, is an eclectic series of hot summer prints, printed on everything from bomber jackets to backpacks and even furniture. Lucky for us, they're selling the collection at the Sight Unseen Offsite pop-up shop on Lafayette ...
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Tangrammar – The Shape Game

Sjef van Gaalen uses the ancient Chinese shape game, Tangram, as a framework to construct these clever but simple collages. You start by dividing a square image into seven parts, called tans; a square, a parallelogram and five isosceles triangles, two large, one medium and two small. You then re-arrange the pieces to form a specific shape, but there is one rule; do not ...
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Editor’s Choice – Graphic Tees

Today's Editor's Choice offers a round up of the key trending graphic stories from Stylesight's festival and street images in recent months. Racer and Nascar-inspired prints emerge on global streets, with sponsor brands and logos scattered across garments. Alexander Wang’s black and white “Parental Advisory” sign still remain a firm favorite. Cartoon graphics focus on the Disney classic Mickey Mouse character for tees ...
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Jack Hudson – Mid-century Illustration

We spotted Jack Hudson's artwork at the recent edition of London's Pick Me Up, and loved his style of mid-century illustration and colorful, quirky characters. Inspired by `60s sci-fi and horror posters, the East London based illustrator has already worked on several big-name commissions including Google, Mother and The Sunday Telegraph. Alongside this, he’s keen to draw and create his own stories, ...
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Pictoplasma Berlin 2014

Once again, Pictoplasma Festival returns to Berlin for its 10 year birthday bash and Stylesight's Graphics Team is in the city to check out this year's character talent. Pictoplasma celebrates graphic arts in the digital age, dedicated to the art of character design. The Character Walk invites you to stroll thought the city in search of galleries hosting solo shows from emerging ...
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Richard Brendon meets PATTERNITY for Fortnum & Mason

British ceramist Richard Brendon collaborates once again with PATTERNITY in creating a tableware Collection for Fortnum & Mason. Proposing a new version of the ‘Warp and Reason’ pattern, this visually stunning tea set is now in Fortum & Mason’s  signature color Eau de Nil. The collection will be the centerpiece of an exhibition showcasing a broad selection of Richard Brendon’s work, all of ...
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Pick Me Up – Private View

Now in its 5th year, Pick Me Up opened its doors once again Wednesday night for a buzzing private view. Stylesight's Graphics Team snuck along to take a peek at this year's creative talent, and we weren't disappointed! Pick Me Up packs together the most exciting international talent, selling a mix of affordable artwork and limited edition prints from quirky studio spaces in ...
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Victoria Siemer – Geometric Reflections

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer, aka Witchoria, creates fragmented reflections by blending geometric shapes into natural landscapes. Her beautiful photographs of peaceful mountains, lakes and forests are disrupted with shapes, mirroring the landscape in varying directions. Her more recent work titled "Human Error" is a series of manipulated computer error messages overlaid onto Polaroid pictures, combining technologies of the past and present. Stop by ...
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