Organic Forms – Sasha Prood

I’ve had my eye on Sasha Prood’s stunning artwork for a while, since spotting her work on a few of my favorite blogs. She is an illustrator and typographer, currently residing in a tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York, working as a full-time freelancer. 

Prood’s inspiration is derived from natural forms – anything from biology cells to woodland animals. Her incredible attention to detail and soft color palette are what make her illustrations so charming. Prood also designs geometric repeats using pencil, pen and watercolor with the computer, crafting an unusual hybrid of techniques. The result is a series of striking, organic prints. Watercolor is a tricky medium to work with and I admire her patience!

The typefaces are stunning and so flawless, it’s hard to believe they are done by hand.

Check out more of her work at


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