Nail Art Illusions – Graphic Inspiration

Traditionally, Chinese landscape artists use ink on paper, however Taiwanese artist Chen Chun-Hao has turned the process upside down, opting for a noisy nail gun and millions of nails to make his mark. 

From a distance the nails form soft, sweeping lines but upon closer inspection the true mundane, industrial medium is evident.

This unique method of creating art is similar to the work of Andrew Myers, who produces portraits from thousands of individually painted screws.  The true beauty of the work is apparent when viewed at an angle; the screws vary in height to define the form of the face, bringing the artwork to life.

For more of Chen Chun-Hao’s work, visit his portfolio at

To see more of Andrew Myers, work, visit







  1. wow i hope i can be there in person not just viewing from computer screen. “Screws Art” is so amazing.

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