Magic Las Vegas – Graphic Quick Fix

Trade show season is in full swing and Stylesight’s Graphics Team has been in Las Vegas to report on the new trends coming through in graphics and branding. The key parts of the sprawling Magic trade show include Project, Slate, Workroom and Pool.  These are where the team found the most inspiring and directional graphics.

Pool Trade show & Project(Magic)

Here’s a quick fix of some of the key highlights that the team saw at the shows.

50s, 60s and 70s biker visuals and auto racing team graphics were a massive trend seen at many of the recent shows. Everything has a vintage edge to it with crackled, distressed looks being a key print technique. Although this graphic trend has been a round for a while we are seeing a surge of brands using this language as a key driver for the season.

“Great outdoors” graphics are getting a more “traveler hobo” feel, with hippie slogans and more earthy vibes being used as key hooks.

Entree LS, Palmercash, Ezekiel, Hips & Hair

Other key graphics highlights included – Comic book manipulations, 70s porn visuals, anchor graphics and photo print plays. (A more in-depth report will be published on shortly).



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