Inked dreamscapes – Melissa Murillo

Stylesight spotted these beautifully detailed illustrations by Berlin-based artist Melissa Murillo.

Executed in edge freehand with a fountain pen, Black China ink, and more recently gold, these artworks by Melissa Murillo are like open doorways to a microcosmic wilderness populated by divine entities and mythical creatures.

Berlin-based Ecuadoran illustrator Mellissa Murlillo is obsessed with bizarre characters, landscapes, Greek mythology, and Renaissance portraits. Her work shows meticulous detail and has an organic, flowing movement to it. Intertwined creatures blend to build hair and facial form with dramatic precision. Within this diversity are the strong influences of Art nouveau and pre-Columbian indigenous art.

Meyoko‘, as she is also known, has future plans to exhibit her work in Paris, Venice and New York.


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