Colourbox – Artist Highlight

Stylesight’s Graphics team loves the eclectic mix of hand-crafted looks and sinister observations of U.K. visual designer, Colourbox.

Colourbox, a.k.a. Joe Rogers, graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in 2005 with a first class honors in Visual Communication (majoring in Illustration).  Rogers relabelled himself Colourbox soon after and now boasts an enviable portfolio, producing work across editorial design, advertising and music clientele to name a few.

Colourbox has a great way of combining digital techniques with more crafty traditional looks. His mix of graphics and doodles, textures and colors gives a real freshness to the work.

Colourbox’s illustration work has the knack of making the mundane look visually interesting and fun by mixing collage, texture, hand-crafted fonts and pixel visuals to create a contrasting look to the work. A key highlight for us is his retro crafted video packaging and cassette case artworks.

Colourbox has a great way of mixing digital with non digital artworks. Here pixel and paint brush go hand in hand in this experimental mix of new and old. Check out Colourbox’s portfolio site for more quirky and creative pieces.


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