City Portraits – Dan Bergeron

Dan Bergeron (a.k.a. Fauxreel) has been creating quite a buzz on the web lately. His recent Face of the City art series is a clever mix of street art and photography that uses distressed walls and sides of buildings as canvases.

Bergeron, a Toronto-based artist, has been around on the street art scene for a while now and is probably best known for his billboard takeovers. Here Bergeron manipulates existing ads and turns them into a joke, a political statement or simply a work of art.

In his latest work, large-scale paper-cut portraits have been turning up through out the city. The Stylesight Graphics team loves his clever use of city wall surfaces that add depth and impact to his photographic portrait artworks.

Bergeron is a photographer by trade who focuses most of his efforts on editorial, commercial and art photography. His client list includes major brands like Adidas and Nike and he’s been published in several magazines and completed CD cover art for a range of artists.



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