Assume Vivid Astro Focus – Studio highlight

The visually inspiring work of ‘Assume Vivid Astro Focus’ continues to amaze with new artworks and collaborations.

Assume Vivid Astro Focus, is an inspiring art collective made up of Brazilian-born, New York based Eli Sudbrack and Paris-based Christophe Hamaide Pierson. Their work can only be described as an inspiring mash-up of visual flamboyancy and modern day psychedelia. Bold colors, pop culture celebrations and clever cut and paste collage visuals combine in their powerful art statements.

Recent projects have included Barneys New York Holiday retail installations (Lady Gaga collaboration), Comme des Garcons online campaign and an experimental portrait exhibition named “Cyclops Trannies” at the Suzanne Geiss Company gallery in Downtown Manhattan.

The Stylesight graphics team find Avaf’s work incredibly inspiring on many levels, pattern, color usage and actual visual technique.


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