G-Star RAW Tailored Denim Atelier
By Samuel Trotman

Last night, G-Star premiered its RAW Tailor Atelier at Berlin’s 14OZ store, offering customers a chance to customize their 3301 Red Listing jean.

Jun 07, 2012


G-star has long held a reputation for its expert craftsmanship in denim construction and attention to detail with every pair of its jeans. This year they turn their attention to world of bespoke with their latest project, RAW Tailored Atelier.

Since April this year G-Star has been offering a select group of its customers a chance to customize their own jeans in their touring RAW Tailor Atelier. Already tried and tested in Amsterdam, London, LA and New York, the latest G-Star RAW Tailored Atelier Service in Berlin allows customers to restyle a pair of 3301 Red Listing selvedge jeans. Located within the infamous denim concept store, 14OZ,  a team of energetic denim tailors were on hand to customize your own five pocket Red Listing denim with the buttons, labels and rivets of your choice. Within 20 minutes you have a unique pair of handcrafted raw Denim jeans. The 3301 denim is crafted from Red Listing raw denim (complete with red seaming throughout) and is woven on vintage shuttle looms, resulting in an irregular and uneven fabric character.

Stay tuned for updates on the G-Star facebook page to find out where the RAW Tailor will be traveling next and where you can have your own hand-crafted denim.

G-Star RAW Tailored Denim Atelier
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Apr 24th, 2013

Raw and good, looking for further and new designs

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