From Food Ingredients to Beautiful Patterns: Piatti Tipici

Designer Marta Lavinia Carboni and photographer Ambra Zeni teamed up to translate culinary ingredients from different ethnic groups into beautiful specific colors and patterns for dinnerware.

Designer Marta Lavinia Carboni and photographer Ambra Zeni teamed up to translate culinary ingredients from different ethnic groups into beautiful specific colors and patterns for dinnerware.

Today’s metropolises are constituted by endlessly growing melting pots of cultures, lifestyles, traditions, and customs. Food embodies the best and most authentic key to understanding this pluralism, and inspired artist and designer Marta Lavinia Carboni to research and visualize it with fascinating, unexpected results.

Based in Milan, she enquired the city’s ethnic minorities about a typical dish that could be cooked with local ingredients. Carboni then picked the six most present countries and translated their dishes’ ingredients in macro-groups of colors.

These then became geometric abstract patterns that overlapped and combined became beautiful and delicate lace-like decorations for tableware. The collection is therefore called “Piatti Tipici“, meaning “Typical Dishes” and is currently self-produced as a limited edition. For more pictures and information, please visit Marta’s website.

Actually, these light yet intricate geometrical decors closely recall our S/S 14 Rational theme, whose Prints & Graphics were explored here.



From Food Ingredients to Beautiful Patterns: Piatti Tipici

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