Friday Love…Architecture for Dogs
By Gemma Riberti

We love this Architecture for Dogs project by Kenya Hara of Japanese retailer MUJI.

Nov 09, 2012


The creative director of Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI, Kenya Hara, has enlisted an impressive roster of world-renowned architects and designers from Europe, U.S., and Japan to design a series of downloadable house structures for dogs.

Architecture for Dogs is an online platform for dog owners to peruse through thirteen designs, download their blueprints, and build the easy-to-assemble structures. Pet owners will also be able to easily upload and share photographs of their built and modified pet homes onto the site, creating an online community of pet and architecture enthusiasts.

“I have the impression that the whole world is interested in babies and dogs,” explains Hara, who hopes that the project will encourage a new bond of happiness between humans and their pets.

The concept for each home takes inspiration from the ways in which humans interact with their pets. Furthermore, each design caters to a specific breed of dog and their characteristics and temperament.

Features include Konstantin Grcic’s mirror for a poodle (the only dog able to recognize its own reflection) and a raised ramp by Atelier Bow-Wow, which enables the short-legged dachshund to sit comfortably at eye level with its owner. Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA has envisaged a thick, fluffy, and almost camouflage cushion for a bichon frise, while MVRDV’s playful “gabled kennel” entices inquisitive beagles to jump inside the structure and rock back and forth like a rocking horse.

The Architecture for Dogs website launches on November 15, with a special presentation of each finished house during DesignMiami/ in December. – Samantha Fox

Friday Love...Architecture for Dogs

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Mar 07th, 2014

The white fluffy dog had me rolling when I seen it. Im going to pin these pictures in Pinterest.
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Carrie Ann
Mar 09th, 2013

This is so neat. I want the Bichon Frise one. It looks like a fluffy cloud. You’re right. It is almost camouflage. It’s adorable.

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