Form Or Function: Critical Objects

These beautiful structures by Till Wiedeck of Berlin-based design studio HelloMe challenge the nature of functional, furniture design.

These beautiful structures by Till Wiedeck of Berlin-based design studio HelloMe challenge the nature of functional, furniture design.

Falling somewhere between furniture and fine art, Wiedeck’s “Critical Objects” have been made using wood concrete, steel, and marble, all in bright and playful colors. At first glance, the objects are reminiscent of contemporary and everyday office furniture, such as tables and storage shelving, but a closer look reveals the items as non-functioning, instantly warping and distorting the viewer’s perception of the object they first saw.

“You see something with four legs and a surface, your mind tells you it is a table, because you learned it is a table. ‘Critical Objects’ challenges the perception of the initial disposition to the object by altering the context of the subject,” explains Wiedeck.

Click here to read more about the “Critical Objects” project, which is also on display at the Marsano Florists Pop-Up store in Berlin until December 12. – Samantha Fox

Form Or Function: Critical Objects

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