Sebago – Six Degrees Collection

With multiple hot collaborations in tow this Fall, the newest Women’s collection from Sebago is no exception.  The collection named 6 Degrees features the iconic boat shoe from four female designers and is inspired by the idea that everyone on earth is only separated by six interactions.

Sebago x Sandrinette

“She invited four designers to revisit with her the most iconic model of the brand Sebago. 
The creative team, composed of Mdot (Booji), Mayra Fateh and Michal Tesler (from the blog Eve without Adam), Hana May (Hearty Magazine), and Sandrinette (Color Me Goood / colette team tumblr), thus reflects the collection the brand: original, feminine and inspired.”

Sebago x MDOT

Sebago x MDOT

Sebago x Hanna May

Sebago x Hannah May

Released in specialty stores internationally such as Colette and and in the United States in shops like UBIQ, models are available just in time for the Holidays.
-Erin Mintun 


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