Christian Louboutin Retrospective at the Design Museum

Christian Louboutin‘s Retrospective opens today at the Design Museum in London.
The exhibit celebrates the iconic french designer’s career to date and marks the first ever in the UK.

Visitors will get a glance at styles pulled from Louboutin‘s personal archive which reference the origin of the iconic – and controversial – red sole, through to the latest collections including a Men’s range and handbags.

The exhibition reflects the designers artistry and theatricality through a dramatic environment, which also examine his personality and creative approach.  With a focus on the handcrafted shoe, the one-of-a-kind designs and innovative ideas, the core of the exhibit will explore of his design process, taking visitors through every stage of the design and development process.  From the initial drawing and prototype through factory production, this retrospective promises to be one of the most comprehensive yet.

The exhibit will run through July 9th at the Design Museum in London. - Jenn Tello


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